Equestrian Menage/Arenas

All-weather menage and arenas

Ever dreamed of having your own all-weather menage /arena? Building an arena is as much an art as it is science, and we like to think that we’ve got the perfect balance of the two.

We start the construction of your arena by removing the top layer of soil, ensuring it is level using rotary laser levels. Once the area has been levelled, drainage channels are cut and laid into the arena base, using drainage pipe backfilled with drainage stone; these are linked back to a nearby ditch or new soak-away.

The arena is then enclosed with posts and three-rail fencing; all fence and gate posts are concreted in and fitted with two sturdy retaining boards.

A polypropylene woven membrane is laid over the entire arena area to stop soil penetrating into the drainage system, and a clean aggregate (usually 2″ limestone) is laid over the whole area to allow good drainage. This is compacted and rolled to create a firm surface, before a second non-woven membrane is laid and attached to the surrounding retaining boards with all joints glued and sealed. 100mm of equestrian silica sand is then laid on top of this membrane, before finally a riding surface of your choice is laid on top of the sand.

All of our stables, shelters, fencing and more are built to the highest standards, tailored as necessary for individual clients.

Whilst we offer many standard sizes and a standard specification, because they’re all hand-built we can fulfil any order, amending even the smallest detail to meet your requirements.

In addition to hand building, delivering, and constructing high-quality stabling and shelters, we are able to provide a complete planning and construction service, including architects drawings should you require planning consent, and ground-works to prepare the site.

Arenas and fencing can be any size and shape that you like; for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Tell us about your upcoming project and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with more information.

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